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About Us
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About Us


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2014 New LED christmas light
LED sculpture light
LED Decorative light
LED Motif light
LED Rope light
LED cherry Light
LED curtain light
LED High-power Light
LED string light
LED net light
LED Icicle light
LED waterfall light
LED flex strip
LED Solar light

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Zhongshan Vision Lighting Co., Ltd (Zhongshan Ande Lighting Company )is a professional LED lighting manufacturer , incorporated with design ,production , sale and service .
Vision Lighting sets up a corporation tenet since the date it exists , as “ quality is first ,reputation is important ,customer is uppermost”, with coexistence of a company operation concept “Quality is the root of company ,Innovation is the soul of promotion “ .Vision Lighting has a high educated and efficient working team ,which has much and long-term experience in LED lighting design ,production, installation and service .It can supply customers good service. We have several superior and advanced production lines and operate in a strict standard of technics in a systemic and scientific production management to seek for higher quality. People oriented and scientific management works as a favorable guarantee for pushing company development . Our products have passed Quality Control System and Certificates of ISO 9001 ,CCC,CE(Europe) and GS (Germany).
Vision Lighting product series are : Led Christmas light,led sculpture light, led rope light, Christmas lights, led curtain light,led string light,Led decoration light, led motif light, LED 3D MOTIF LIGHT,round led rope light, flat led rope light,Christmas lights, outdoor Christmas lights and so on
). We adopts famous LED lighting sources from different suppliers in America, Japan and Taiwan .Our sales  covers all the world countries ,with main market included in Europe ,North America ,East-Asia and Middle East.
All Vision  Staff are working hard and serious with high responsibility for each order , in the spirit of keep improving for each product Vision Lighting is willing to negotiate for business cooperation with all domestic and foreign customers with wiliness to push and contribute in LED lighting development. Welcome all LED light importers and wholesalers !

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Tel: 0760-8616085 E-mail:sky@visionlightvl.com

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